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Plan Types

ANIMAL TRAPPING: Live Traps would be used for your larger animals. Traps are baited per animal and relocated. Kill Traps are used for more subterranean animals. Animals are removed and disposed of.

GROUND BAITING: Poison Baiting will be used for subterranean animals. (Gophers, Moles) 

EXCLUSION: We offer temporary fixes to holes or openings with Stuffit Mesh or Hardware Cloth to prevent further entry of animals. Contractors may need to be hired to repair large structure issues.

DETERRENTS: Larvae Treatments will remove food sources from grub feeding animals. Snake Away will deter snakes away from application areas. Animal Scent Repellents use odor of predators to scare nuisance animals away.

Prices vary with each Plan Type. All Wildlife Inspections Have A $25.00 Fee.