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Plan Types

FLY LIGHTS: These lights allow you to manage flies by using a UV light. Two types of lights are the UV Light With a Glue Board to catch the flies (Great for kitchens or food areas) or a UV Light With an Electrocution Grid to zap flies (Great for exterior, garages, and storage areas).

STICKY TRAPS: Hanging glue traps that use a attractant to lure flies to. 

SPRAY TREATMENT: Use of a Contact Spray for a quick knock down or Residual Spray to keep flies away for longer periods of time. 

BAITING: By applying a Liquid Bait or a Solid Bait, baiting provides a fast knock down food source.

DRAIN TREATMENT: By using an Enzyme you can eliminate drain flies from breading sites. 

Prices vary with each Plan Type. Request a FREE inspection.

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