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Plan Types

DETERRENTS: Sound Deterrents help drive the bird population away from the building by projecting sounds of predators or ultra sonic frequency. Spook Devices, like Owls or reflective devices will trick the bird to think that there is a predator in the area. Lawn Repellants will deter some birds to graze elsewhere.

LIVE TRAPPING: Trapping will consist in placing a live trap in the populated bird area with food and water in the trap. They go in but cant get out. 

EXCLUSION: Bird Spikes, Electro Track, and Hotfoot, work great on ledges to keep birds from roosting. Bird slope, keeps birds from building nest under overhangs. Bird Netting can be used to block off large areas to prevent nesting and roosting. Even patching holes in a structure, to prevent entry. 

BAITING: Ovo Control baiting will allow you to manage the offspring by temporarily sterilizing the adult birds. Avitrol baiting will cause the bird to be discombobulated, telling the others in the flock that there is illness in the area and to move else where.

Prices vary with each Plan Type. Request a FREE inspection.