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Plan Types

TYPE OF STRUCTURES: Bedbugs don't discriminate, they will infest any structure. Our plan is setup to provide the best treatment for each situation. Please indicate what structure that the pests are habiting and the number of rooms that may need treatment.

TREATMENT TYPE: The treatment that we provide is very affordable and effective. We use all residual products including: dusts, contact insecticides, and residual liquids. 

Before treatment begins we will inspect the structure and provide an estimate of service. Each customer must complete a check list specific to the structure type indicated, prior to the initial treatment. (If list isn't complete, customer will not get our 60 Day Guarantee). Once initial treatment starts, customer will need to leave treated areas for 2-4 hours. After treatment we will reinspect within 7-10 business days for any possible activity.

Prices vary with each Plan Type. Request a FREE inspection. Also have Bedbug Mattress Covers.