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Masloski Pest Services

New Richmond, WI 54017




Masloski Pest Services is a local pest control company that services covers the Twin City and Central Western Wisconsin area. I have over a decade of experience and training. Credentials include Purdue University - Center for Urban and Industrial Pest Management,  AIB International - Food Processing Sanitation/Hygiene, and State of Wisconsin and Minnesota Training and State Licensing. By choosing Masloski Pest Services you will be getting experience, knowledge and customer service that you deserve. I look forward using my skills to help you with your pest needs.


Commercial and Residential Services. All service categories are listed below. Click link below each category and fill out the Inspection Request Form


Insects are all around us, but when it comes to our home we would rather not have them invade our personal space. By placing a barrier around the exterior perimeter or applying a interior spot treatment, it will take care of those pesky occasional invaders.

Centipedes, Millipedes, Spiders, Roaches, Ants, Silverfish, Boxelders, Asian Beetles and many more.


Birds can be a nuisance, especially when they decide to make a nest above your entry door. We have many exclusionary products available to deter them from nesting in entry areas, building ledges, I-beams, and other harborage areas. 

Swallows, Sparrows, Pigeons, Geese, Woodpeckers and more.


Do you hear that? I think something is in your ceiling or walls. Those pesky Squirrel or Bats tend to find entry into wall voids or ceilings by faulty roof vents or soffits. Wildlife can do a lot of damage to the structure. So allow us to remove the animals humanely and patch up the holes so they wont come back.


Squirrels, Raccoons, Bats, Moles, Gophers, Snakes, Feral Cats, Rabbits, Woodchucks.


Dealing with those pesky flies buzzing around. When it comes to flies it always comes down to sanitation. From filthy drains to decomposing fruit, open trash cans to expired animals. Flies will find it. By identifying the fly we can implement the tools to resolve the issue and maintain it for the future. 

Fruit Flies, House Flies, Drain Flies, Cluster Flies and More


Once the cooler months come around the corner, so are the rodents, finding a home for the winter. By placing a rodent  devices around the home, it will help prevent the mice or rats from moving in. Also with a thorough inspection, sealing up any entry points will help prevent rodents from gaining entry to your home in the future. Don't wait until they are already in.


Bedbugs have been in the news for the past 10 years and don't seem to be going away. If its a hotel or your home, bedbugs can invade your personal sleeping areas. By completing the detailed checklist, we will completely eliminate the pest from your home or business. We will also provide a 2 month guarantee. 


Wisconsin Customers ONLY


You can not have summer nights without Mosquitos. At a cook out or just lounging in the back yard. If you don't coat yourself with bug spray, you may be eaten alive. With our treatments and exclusionary work, we will be able to minimize the use of those bug spray products, so you can enjoy the outdoors. 


Many don't realize that in most cases, with proper sanitation, you can avoid pest from your residential and commercial buildings. By installing air scents dispensers in restrooms, toilet auto cleans, enzyme cleaners for drains and floors, fly lights in the kitchens, or power washing trash cans, it will help prevent pest from invading you home or business.